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Vocabolario italiano - Italian vocabulary



Italiano Español English
respirare respirar to breathe
inalare inhalar to inhale
esalare exhalar to exhale
tossire toser to cough
starnutire estornudar to sneeze
sospirare suspirar to sigh
singhiozzare, avere il singhiozzo hipar, tener hipo to hiccup, to hiccough
sbadigliare bostezar to yawn
russare roncar to snore
ruttare eructar to burp
mordere morder to bite
masticare masticar to chew
inghiottire tragar to swallow
succhiare chupar to suck
leccare lamer to lick
brontolare (lo stomaco) hacer ruido el estómago to rumble
battere le palpebre parpadear to blink
ammiccare, fare l'occhiolino guiñar el ojo to wink
aggrottare le sopracciglia fruncir el ceño to frown
sorridere sonreír to grin
ridere reír to laugh
arrossire ruborizarse to blush
sudare sudar to sweat
tremare, rabbrividire tiritar, temblar, estremecerse to shiver, to tremble
prudere, sentire prurito picar to itch
grattarsi rascarse to scratch

dormire dormir to sleep
sognare soñar to dream
vedere ver to see
guardare mirar to look at
udire, sentire oír to hear
ascoltare escuchar to listen
annusare, sentire odore oler to smell
toccare tocar to touch
assaggiare, sentire il gusto gustar to taste
pensare pensar to think
camminare caminar to walk
correre correr to run
alzarsi in piedi pararse to stand up
sedersi sentarse to sit down


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